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We collaborate with a large number of people across the world, as shown in this google map.

My group is part of the molecular epidemiology theme in the Centre, together with the groups of Prof Harry Campbell, Prof Paul McKeigue, Dr Jackie Price, Prof Sarah Wild and Prof Igor Rudan. The ORCADES and MS studies are run together with the MRC Human Genetics Unit, of the Institute for Genetics and Molecular Medicine, in particular with Prof Alan Wright, Prof Nick Hastie, Dr Caroline Hayward and Dr Veronique Vitart. Within these groupings we collaborate very closely with the MRC-University of Edinburgh Croatia team running the Vis, Korčula and Split studies (directed by Igor Rudan, Harry Campbell and Alan Wright). ORCADES and the Vis study belong to the EUROSPAN consortium of five European genetically isolated population studies. Prof Ulf Gyllensten, Prof Peter Pramstaller and Prof Cornelia van Duijn lead the Swedish, Italian and Dutch studies.

ORCADES belongs to over 20 international genome-wide association meta-analysis consortia, including DIAGRAM, GIANT, MAGIC, GEFOS, GLGC, ICBP, CARDIOGRAM, EGG, QT-IGC, SpiroMeta and many working groups of CHARGE including Haemostasis, NeuroCHARGE, Reprogen, CKDgen, PRIMA, RRgen, Subclinical, and collaborate with ENGAGE.

Collaborators who lead these studies include

Prof Mark McCarthy, Dr Ines Barrosso, Prof Joel Hirschhorn, Prof Andre Uitterlinden, Prof Sek Kathiresan, Prof Patricia Munroe, Dr Martin Tobin, Dr Tom Mosley, Prof Joanne Murabito, Prof Caroline Fox, Prof Chris Newton-Cheh, Dr Arne Pfeufer, Prof Nona Sotoodehnia, Prof Nick Smith, Dr Jonathan Marchini, Dr Josh Bis, Dr Rachel Freathy, Dr Andrew Hicks, Dr Nicole Soranzo, Prof Christian Gieger.

ORCADES-specific collaborations include specialists in

- clinical subjects: Prof Stuart Ralston, Prof Ian Deary, Dr Brian Fleck, Dr Brian Walker, Prof David Webb, Dr Henning Teimeier, Prof Alun Hughes, Prof Gordon Lowe, Prof Till Roenneberg, Dr Andrew Jackson

- imaging: Dr Tom MacGillivray, Prof Tien Wong.

- genetic analyses: Dr Yurii Aulchenko, Dr Ele Zeggini, Dr Cristian Pattaro, Prof Brian Kinghorn, Prof Chris Haley

- glycans: Prof Pauline Rudd, Prof Gordan Lauc.

- lipidomics: Prof Gerd Schmitz

- fluctuating asymmetry – Dave Hope

- long range phasing and haplotype imputation – Dr Richard Durbin, Dr Kimmo Palin

Our MS study involves collaborations with Dr Carl Counsell, Dr Mark Vickers, Dr Stephen Sawcer.

Our Y chromosome work is carried out in collaboration with Dr Cristian Capelli and George Busby, and others including Prof Dan Bradley, Prof Leonor Gusmao, Prof Peter de Knijff. We collaborate with Prof Martin Richards on mtDNA analyses.

We collaborate on population genetic analysis of genome-wide SNP data with Dr Colm O’Dushlaine, Dr Gianpiero Cavalleri, Dr Stephanie Le Hellard and of genome sequences with Dr Brendan Loftus.

Our homozygosity work involves collaborations with Dr Anne-Louise Leutenegger, Dr Rod Lea, Prof Peter Visscher, Dr Brian McEvoy, Prof Malcolm Dunlop, Prof Daniela Toniolo, Prof Markus Perola, Prof Paolo Gasparini, Prof Marina Ciullo, Prof Veikko Salomaa, Prof Luigi Ferrucci, Prof Marjo-Riitta Järvelin, Prof Andres Metspalu and Prof Vanessa Hayes.

We rely on NHS Orkney and NHS Shetland for their multifaceted help in running our studies, particularly Hasmukh Pankhania, Jim McGuigan and Dr Sarah Taylor; are supported by the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility at the Western General Hospital, particularly Dr Lee Murphy; and technical services at MRC HGU, particularly Stewart McKay.

Jo Graham, FSA Scot, carried out the genealogy research in Scotland for our project.

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