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Jim Wilson, DPhil, FRCP Edin

Fred Bloggs

Jim Wilson is affiliated both to the Usher Institute and the MRC Human Genetics Unit. Of Fair Isle heritage, he grew up in Orkney where he attended the Kirkwall Grammar School, before reading genetics at the University of Edinburgh. After a year working with Svante Pääbo in Bavaria, Jim went up to New College in Oxford where he completed a DPhil in human population genetics with David Goldstein. Jim moved back to Edinburgh in 2003 after a stint at University College London, to take up a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. He has published over 170 peer-reviewed journal articles, 38 of which were in the top genetics journal Nature Genetics, 7 in Nature and 2 in Science. His ISI Web of Science h-index is 52, his m-value is 3.1, and he is a Thomson-Reuters highly cited researcher (highlycited.com) for 2014 and 2015. Over the last decade Jim led two large genetic epidemiology studies in Orkney and Shetland. These platform resources for health research benefit from rich phenotyping, deep genotyping, a tissue biobank and prospective follow up through record linkage and have contributed to the discovery of over 1000 novel associations. More recently he has initiated a number of international consortia to explore interests in the genetic architecture of complex traits. Jim is engaged in science communication principally through radio and TV series explaining genetics to the public (e.g. Blood of the Vikings, On the Ocean, Is it better to be mixed race?, Gatwick Baby, British More or Less, Twincredibles, Meet the Izzards, the IFTA-winning Blood of the Irish and Blood of the Travellers, a book and radio series, The Scots, A Genetic Journey) and have been involved in the genetic ancestry testing business for over decade (most recently via ScotlandsDNA, www.scotlandsdna.com).

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